Are you a disabled student with an old or new disability and have been refused testing accommodations from your professor, teacher, or even by the disability center itself? If so then this article will help you understand how to deal with testing accommodation refusals regardless of who is denying you this accommodation.

Being a disabled student for several years, I’ve ran into several barriers of which Teachers, Professors, and even Administrators refusing to give me adequate testing accommodations. Even to this stay I still experience the problem of refusal for testing accommodations as a graduate student.  After sometime you eventually learn how to deal with these types of situations and how to go about obtaining your accommodations through the proper channels.

First and foremost ensure you’ve done the following BEFORE requesting any type of testing accommodation at your edicational institution:

  • Ensure that you’ve registered with the disability center at your educational institution and that you’ve provided any necessary documentation proving you have a disability, even if your disability is obvious you should still provide documentation so that you can officially register at the disability center.
  • Ensure that you’re aware of the disability centers policies and procedures regarding testing so that you can explain to your professor the procedure as to how to obtain your testing accommodations.

Once you have completed the above then you are eligible to ask for testing accommodations. We will go in detail on the above in another post since there is so much more you should do but those are the basic steps you should follow first.


Whether it is your Professor, Teacher or even the Disability Center, they are legally obligated by law to accommodations any disabled at the students convenience NOT at the professors or disability centers convenience, at YOUR convenience!  Should you encounter any issues the following basic steps should be taken:

  1. Contact the disability center test coordinator and explain the situation
  2. If the coordinator is of no help, then contact either a counselor within the disability center or the ADA compliance officer at your educational institution, (All federal institutions are legally required to have one)
  3. If for some reason an ADA compliance officer does not exist or unavailable then find out who the director is of the disability center and contact them
  4. All else fails you can always threaten to file a complaint to the Office of Civil Rights of the US. Under section Section 504 civil rights law (protection for people with disabilities against discrimination) they are legally required to accommodate you with your specific accommodations regardless of what they are or when they are given.

Next post I will post some scenarios I’ve encountered and along with a few tips as to how to approach the situation.


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