The U.S. House of Education committee said many of the nation’s public school employees lack essential training to handle and control disabled students who are “acting out.”

“I’ve been very disappointed on how the schools here are equipped to take care of children with disabilities,” said an El Paso mother we’ll call Tiffany.

Tiffany’s child has a couple of disabilities including cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder. “While he may have a disability he’s also very intelligent,” she added. “He’s actually tested for gifted programs.”

On the heels of an alarming report showing hundreds of school employees across the country have used improper physical restraints — and at times abusive contact — Congress is now considering how schools handle disabled students.

“I do hope that this will provide more education, in not only dealing with those children in the classroom but also helping to identify some of those issues,” issues such as ADHD, said Tiffany.

Data also showed Texas public school educators used physical restraints about 100 times a day during the previous school year, something educators said is necessary in order to prevent disasters. A Congressional Probe reported a series of recent cases of kids being bruised, tied up and “isolated” by inexperienced school staff. While Tiffany told KFOX she is not aware that her son has ever been restrained, she fears her son’s seclusion will only hurt him in the long run. “This will delay the development of his social skills even further because he’s being ostracized by his classmates and his teachers.”

U.S. House leaders plan to give out federal grants to the Lone Star state to train teachers on the best way to control disabled kids. They also announced they would strip schools of federal money if they don’t raise standards and training.

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